Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Subject: 6 Simple Words

Dear Ethan & Emily:

On second thought…instead of “6 Key Words”, the original Subject of an email to Emily, I think a better description of this short passage would be:  
6 “Simple” Words.

Each word by itself is very simple, but together they have incomparable impact and power! In other words, simple parts that when put together in a sentence string create a powerful synergy (how about that $10 word?) that, if heeded, can bless and change our lives.  See body of original email below:

Subj: 6 Key Words

Date: 10/8/01 
To:  Emily

Good Morning “Funnette” Bunnette:

Thanks for calling last night. 

I am just finishing up my morning quiet time, and wanted to share 6 key words that Jesus spoke to Jairus when he had learned that his daughter had died.  They are great words of comfort and assurance:  

(1) “Don’t
(2)  be 
(3)  afraid.  
(4)  Just
(5)  trust
(6)  me.”  

Short and sweet…but oh, what a message!  Repeat and believe…this message still applies today.

Well, it’s off for the day.  Have a great one and continue to keep the “fun” in Funnette!

All my love,