About Larry

Larry counts as His greatest blessings His relationship with Jesus Christ and the 49 years he has been married to his sweetheart and the love of his life…Marilyn. Together they have two grown children Ethan and Emily. Ethan is an attorney and Emily along with husband Josh has given us four wonderful grandchildren:  Hosea, Violet, Gideon, and Finan. 

Larry is a retired sales and marketing executive as well as retired Army Colonel. He entered the Army in January 1969 at the height of the Vietnam War and received training as a Field Artillery Forward Observer. Graduating as the Honor Graduate of his OCS class, Larry was commissioned in the Adjutant General’s Corps and served his active duty time in the Recruiting Command.


He has served as National Field Sales Manager for The Eureka Company and most recently as Vice-President Sales & Marketing for Advanced Circuits, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards.


God has allowed Larry to have many interesting life experiences in addition to business and military events.One of the highlights of his life was his first foreign mission trip to Estonia to help build an AM radio tower on the Russian border.


He earned his college expenses first with a full Naval Scholarship followed by door-to-door selling in NC and FL. He and his wife and daughter have appeared in the NBC Mini-series “A Woman Named Jackie,” and he ran a successful political campaign for city council while living in Huntington, WV.


His son was born prematurely at 24 weeks, and most recently Larry experienced one of his most amazing experiences of all….the miraculous discovery without any symptoms that his three main heart arteries were almost totally blocked. He is now a proud member of the “zipper” club having qualified with his record 7 heart bypasses! His recovery has been no less a miracle, and within 3 weeks of his surgery at the age of 56 was back at work full time and driving his car. In fact, several months after the surgery he ran the “Boulder Bolder” 10k road race without any prior training in only 67 minutes!


He has taken Psalm 40:3,10 (NLT) as his new “life verse”: “He (God) has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what He has done and be astounded. They will put their trust in the Lord. I have not kept this good news hidden in my heart; I have talked about Your faithfulness and saving power. I have told everyone…of Your unfailing love and faithfulness”


On the Saturday before his Monday surgery, Larry’s neighbor came over to anoint him with oil for healing and protection during his surgery and gave him the admonition: “I have been praying for you all day, Larry, and God has confirmed to me that you are going to come thru this surgery just fine…because He knows you will tell everyone about it!”


In Larry’s words:”…and from the time I awoke from the anesthesia and after the removal of the tube in my mouth and throat, I began telling everyone my “heart” story…to nurses and doctors, my Dale Carnegie classmates (taking a class at that time) and then to waiters and waitresses in restaurants as I would make dietary changes to items ordered.


What I found soon discovered is that the story just seemed to amaze these waiters and waitresses so much that they would listen…sometimes even sit down to talk further, and in one case our taking a waiter out later for a meal at his request just so he could get to know Marilyn and me better. At one of the first restaurants we ate in after my surgery, we met a young waiter who accepted our invitation to attend church with us and later accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior!


Yes, I have always been so interested in foreign missions, but with the “new song” God has given me as a result of my surgery, I have found a mission field as close as the nearest restaurant and café.”


Larry feels so very blessed and loved of God with all that he has learned from his life experiences, that it is from inside God’s “treasure pouch” that he wants to share the “treasures” he has learned not only from these experiences but from his study of God’s Word. (The website name comes from 1 Samuel 25:29 (NLT).


Larry states: “Over the years, God has led me thru many ‘mountain top’ and ‘valley’ experiences that regardless of the circumstances or outcome have created some interesting details and led to my having a greater knowledge and awareness of God’s mercy and grace. Thru each of these experiences I have learned valuable life lessons, and if what I have learned can help others, then my efforts to create this website will be worth it all.”

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Contact me

I would love to hear from you if you have questions about my surgery or any of my life experiences.  God has blessed me greatly and taught me many life lessons even during some very difficult times.  The key to successful living I have found is making your peace with God thru faith in His Son Jesus Christ and then enjoying life to the fullest…living each day as though it were your last…as it well may be!


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My Family

As I faced open heart surgery on Oct 21, 2002 little did I know that I would not only survive my surgery but that God in His perfect plan for my life had grandchildren He yet had for me to meet and love.  I hope you will find joy along with me as I share my wonderful family with you.

Our Miracle Baby

Our son Ethan’s Miracle Story is posted on this website under the tab “Tract Listings,” and I invite you to read his amazing birth story.  My wife suffered “placenta abruption” three months before Ethan was due, and the emergency room doctor told us that our son would probably not even be born alive much less less long after birth.  God had other plans!