Sent:  March 8, 2002

Subject:  See You at the Door

Good Morning Ethan & Emily:

At 7:00 a.m. on September 12, 1990, students in four states met around their school flagpoles to pray.  The next year “See You at the Pole” became a national event with students all over the world meeting around flagpoles for prayers and fellowship.  This last year more than 23 U.S. High Schools had more than 500 in attendance.

I suppose you might say I have a very personal event somewhat like this every morning on our front porch at the front door with only myself and God in attendance.  I look forward to it every week day as I go outside to get the morning paper in the dark of the early morning before sunrise.

As you know, we have a six panel front door, and the central portion forms a cross.  I have even heard these types of doors referred to as “Christian” doors…I’m sure because of the cross symbolism.  I am a “visual” person, and I have made it a practice each morning while I am out on our front porch to visualize Jesus as being on this “door” cross in my mind.  As I kneel on the front steps I am always humbled as I renew my understanding of His love and what He did for me on Calvary in giving His life and shedding His blood for my sins.

Kneeling, I confess my sins, and upon rising I have made it a practice to place my outstretched hands at each end of the “crossbar” on the door and imagine that I am taking hold of Jesus’ hands…not to confirm my belief as did Thomas (John 20:25) but just to affirm to Him my appreciation and love for all He has done.  As I do this, I try to visualize the imprints of the nails and the blood that He shed.

Now you probably think:  “Dad has gone bonkers and is just “too weird” to be doing this, but for me, it “works” and with tears often in my eyes I find I have no problem expressing my love and having a very precious time of communication…just “me and my God.”

As I have told you in other devotions, a part of this early morning “routine” is that I stand in the doorway and announce as did Joshua long ago:  “But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15b).  I pray for Marilyn and each of you, and I pray for His wisdom and protection during the day.  I also ask God to bless us in the spirit and words of the “prayer of Jabez” (1 Chronicles 4:10).

Before walking around to the front porch, I start this routine by picking up the morning newspaper out on the driveway.  As I walk to get the paper, I look up into the early morning sky and “acknowledge Him in all my ways.”  I am always comforted with the assurance of knowing that in so doing He will “direct my paths (steps)” as He promised (Prov. 3:5-6).  But the praise and adoration part of this “routine” at the front door is what I love the most.

God is always with us, but as I go to sleep each night, I am gain blessed as I acknowledge Him in anticipation of our time together in the morning:  “See You at the Door.”  In spirit, I invite you to be there with us.

Well, I must leave for work.  Have a super day.

From one “weird” but blessed Dad who prays daily for you.