Sent:  January 19, 2003

Subject:  Links in the Chain of Life

Good Morning Ethan & Emily:

I am reading in Genesis, and as I review the story of Isaac, I am reminded anew of the responsibility I have as a father.  My actions…my relationship with the Lord…is…and will have a continuing impact on your spiritual heritage.  Each of us will add a link to the chain of our family heritage, and I want my life to be a strong link hat will be a channel of blessing for you and your children.

The Lord appeared to Isaac who was considering a move to Egypt due to a famine in the land of Canaan and told him:  “DO as I way, and stay here in this land.  If you do, I will be with you and bless you.”  (Gen. 26: 2-3).  Furthermore, He reminded Isaac that He would multiply and bless his descendants because of the faithfulness of his father Abraham:  “I will do this because Abraham LISTENED to me and OBEYED all my requirements, commands, regulations, and laws.” (v.5).

“Do as I say,” “Listen to me,” and “Obey me”…my prayer is that I will be always faithful, for this will bring blessing not only on me but most importantly upon you, your children, and generations to follows.

Your generation and then each generation to follow will be responsible for their own actions.  Disobedience will take its toll and weaken the chain…but faithful obedience will multiply the dividends and blessings of God as each generation’s faithfulness compounds and strengthens the next.  God promised Isaac that He would bless him but that there would be additional blessings because of his father.

I can only be responsible for my “link in the chain.”  As you add your link to our family tree, I pray it will be a strong one and will add to the blessings of the loved ones and generations that will follow you.

What I do today will impact my great-grandchildren…I pray that I may be found faithful!

Have a great day.

With all my love,