Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2001

Subject: God as Matchmaker!

Good Morning Ethan & Emily:

What I love about God’s Word and God Himself is that nothing…not one single detail is omitted from His scope of awareness and understanding…and I mean everything! 

When discussing the judgment that will come upon nations (specifically Edom) that opposed God’s people, and talking about how animals would overrun the desolate wilderness, Isaiah challenged those within his hearing:  “Search the book of the Lord, and see what He will do.  He will not miss a single detail.   Not one of these birds and animals will be missing, and none will lack a mate, for the Lord has promised this.  His Spirit will make it all come true.” (Isaiah 34: 16)

He is not saying every animal and bird will have a mate, but if He so willed, they would definitely have one.

In just the same way, God is interested in EVERY detail of our lives.  Finding the perfect match in a husband or wife can be somewhat “overwhelming” in its scope, but God is saying here:  “Don’t worry…be happy.  If God can find a mate for every bird and animal, He certainly can find one for you!”

In a parallel picture to this, you remember the devotion we shared about God’s awareness of every sparrow that flies or falls to the ground. (Matt. 10:28 – 31) and in Luke 12: 6 – 7 where we are reminded that God does not forget a single sparrow…not one!

And to think that God sent His Son to die for us….to redeem us and make it possible so that we can share eternity with Him!  He obviously loves us infinitely even more than the birds and animals….and He will find and bring into your life that perfect one for you.

Yes, God is involved in the mating habits of birds…and bees…and even you…and He wants to be the Matchmaker!

Have a wonderful day knowing that God is involved in every detail of your life.

All my love,