Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Subject: Cresting the Hills of Faith

Good Morning Ethan & Emily:

Yesterday I shared a short passage from one of my favorite books:  Billy Graham’s Peace with God.  You can actually read this book online and it is easy to find using a variety of search engines.   I had located it by going to “”  One of my salespeople reminded me of this helpful site this past week, and it is pretty fantastic.  You can “Ask Jeeves” just about anything…and get a helpful answer.  Have you ever “Asked Jeeves” a question? 
(Since then I have become a Google fan.)

I also found a graphic tract called “Steps to Peace with God” that would be excellent to share with an unsaved friend or acquaintance.  It is located at:

This morning I would like to share with you just several more examples of how practical and illustrative this book is.  In a related passage to the one I used yesterday, Mr. Graham asks: 

“Are we actually saved by faith?  No, we’re saved by grace through faith.  Faith is simply the channel through which God’s grace to us is received.  It is the hand that reaches out and receives the gift of His love….Faith is complete confidence…It (faith) is not some peculiar, mysterious quality for which we must strive.  Jesus said we must become as little children, and just as little children trust their parents, so we must trust God.  

Suppose I were driving along the road at fifty miles an hour and I came to the crest of a hill.  Would I immediately slam on my brakes, stop my car, get out, walk to the top of the hill, and look over to see if the road continues?  No, I wouldn’t do that.  I would trust the highway department of the particular state in which I was driving.  I would continue at my normal rate of speed, secure in the knowledge that the road continued on ahead even though I couldn’t see it.  I would accept it on faith.  So it is with saving faith in Christ!”

He goes on in the next passage to outline how we get this faith and the three things that make up faith and make it operative in our lives.

For a real blessing and practical understanding of what a relationship with Jesus Christ is all about, I would highly recommend your reading this short book.  I’ve never read anything so clear, and there is no better book to share with someone searching for faith…or to read as a new Christian.

I’m thankful that I have settled the issue of faith in my life, and I’m cruis’n on down life’s roadway…enjoying the ride…and shouting “whoopee” as I crest the hills and move beyond to new sights and adventures of faith.

May you do likewise!  

All my love,