Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Subject: The “But God” Viewpoint

Good Morning Ethan & Emily:

As you know, several times a year I have worked in Confident Kid’s which is part of the Divorce Recovery Workshops conducted at our church.  I have enjoyed doing dramatic interpretations of Bible characters to teach the children various principles and to share experiences from these Biblical characters’ lives that may help the children cope with life.

One of my favorites has been Joseph.  I can’t imagine a person having more problems…his brothers trying to kill him and then selling him into slavery, being falsely accused by a woman saying he tried to assault her, being thrown in jail and being forgotten there by ones he helped, and on and on it goes!

I think it’s easy to just gloss over these events as a very familiar story we know very well, but all this really happened…one day at a time, and life for Joseph seemed pretty bleak.  BUT, there was never a time that God was not working in Joseph’s life…and he ended up becoming one of Egypt’s principal rulers, 2nd only to Pharaoh himself.  Joseph could have easily given up on life and God, BUT he didn’t.

In that very dramatic scene when he finally reveals himself to his brothers who have come to Egypt for food during a severe famine, Joseph makes this earth-moving and life-changing statement as he addresses his brothers:  “You intended to harm me, BUT GOD intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done…..”  (Gen.50:20)

May you never forget these two words…”BUT GOD.”

BUT GOD can take broken fragments of a life and shape something beautiful,

BUT GOD can take strange and perplexing situations and create a miracle,

BUT GOD can turn darkness into the brightest of days,

BUT GOD can take obstacles and trials and turn them into “helps” along the road to self development and self improvement,

BUT GOD…can do anything for with God, ALL things are possible! (Luke 1:37).

I am a visual person, and a dramatic and visual display of this truth is what we experience as we travel by car west on I-70 from Denver into the foothills.  As we travel up the eastern slope, we lose sight of the 14,000 peaks beyond that were visible from a distance here at our home in Highlands Ranch.  It seems we will never get out of low gear as we move up this very steep grade but finally we reach the ridge line, and as we go over the top, we catch our breath as we suddenly view the awesome sight of the Continental Divide and the snowcapped mountains that seem to go on and on forever.  It has to be one of the world’s most beautiful sights, and it is one that is completely blocked from view as you “toil” and “struggle” up (hiking or driving) from the East.  What was a drudgery…becomes a sight almost too beautiful to describe.  It was there all the time…we just couldn’t see it from our perspective.

That is what “BUT GOD” is all about.  Nothing is hopeless with God for with those who love Him, He works everything (and I mean EVERYthing) for their best. (Romans 8:28).  Don’t look at life from your viewpoint…learn to take the “BUT GOD” viewpoint on a day by day basis entrusting all to our Lord who loves us and directs our steps.

Say it over and over until it rings in your mind and heart:  “BUT GOD….BUT GOD…BUT GOD…BUT GOD”!  Got it??

Have a wonderful day discovering what God is doing in your life.

All my love,