Sent:  October 9, 2002

Subject:  Advice to Young Adults

Good Morning Ethan & Emily:

I am always blessed as I read 1st and 2nd Timothy…there is so much good practical advice in these two short books, and every time I read there in my morning quiet times, I just want to share these truths with every young person I know.

I have used these verses in previous devotions…but I would like to share them with you again, as they do give the “secrets” of how to live a victorious life for our Lord…and how to receive His blessings.  As I had my extensive cardiac testing yesterday, I am reminded that noe of us know how long we will live, and as your Dad I want you to know my heart while I am still alive to be with you.  I want the very best for each of you, and at this very important time in your young lives, your future happiness and effectiveness for the Lord all boils down to 4 key verbs found in 2 Timothy 2:22:

“RUN…from anything that stimulates youthful lust.”  (Sex is great but only works best with your marriage partner.  If anyone tells you differently, they are lying or just haven’t lived long enough to know the truth!)

“FOLLOW…anything that makes you want to do right.”  (Get busy in a ministry…look for where God is “working,” and get involved.)

“PURSUE…faith and love and peace…”  (Nothing blesses and satisfies like obedience.)

“ENJOY…the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.”  (The key here is associating ourselves with those with “pure”(genuine) hearts.  There are Christians with the label…and then there are Christians who pursue God with pure and since hearts…there is a difference.)

When you do these four things…you will find wonderful fellowship with the Lord and you will experience awesome things in your life as you demonstrate your love for Him in obedience.  Do anything else, and you will have second best…and the leftover “crumbs” from the best that God wants for you.

The decision is yours.  I pray for both of you every day and night…literally (!), as I want you to know and experience God’s goodness as I have.  I know I’m far from perfect…but I have been so richly blessed…and that is something I want both of you to also have in abundance.

All my love,